May. 5th, 2014

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Well, Nauticon was a complete bust, but at least the food was good.

We drove out Thursday night, stopping for the night in a small town near the Massachusetts border and then finishing off the drive Friday morning with an hour or two detour to the coast to enjoy the view of the seashore. We got out and walked around a bit at one of the lookout points on the coast, though my asthma was acting up so I didn't get to do too much walking. We stopped for lunch at Moby Dick's where I had a delicious scallop sandwich.

We arrived at the Provincetown Inn a little early to find we'd been assigned a King bed for the three of us. We made it work but it would have been nice to have the option of a double bed. The artists alley for Nauticon was run out of the artists' hotel rooms, which was a little awkward for everyone involved. It made taking naps impossible but it did mean we could set our own hours for the shop. My roommates Erin and Tim made use of that to go hiking Saturday morning.

I went to the yaoi panel "Anime is so gay" on Friday night. It was a general introduction panel with a whole five people in the audience. Well organized but a rehash of information I already knew. Overall a good panel.

Provincetown is a lovely area with HORRIBLE driving conditions. There's very little parking at the restaurants so you either have to get there early or find one of the few public parking lots and walk. Also the majority of the streets are narrow one lane roads, some of which are labeled one way and some of which are not which caused a few hair raising moments on the way in.

That being said, I LOVED the atmosphere of Provincetown. It's very queer-friendly. One of the restaurants we went to, Victor's (fabulous raw bar, slow service) was described as being gayer than Christmas, but I found it was Bayside Betsey's that had the best gay atmosphere and amazing service, plus the best alfredo I've had in my life and delicious eggplant fries. If you go to Provincetown, you have to try Betsey's.

The rest of Nauticon was a bust. I sold nothing. Not a thing. There was barely anyone in attendance. We got maybe 20 people to stop into our room to check out wares. There wasn't a lot of content that interested me (besides the yaoi panel and the Voltaire concert). It's mostly a drinking and party convention, which while I like those in small doses, wasn't really my thing.

Not a con I'll be back to, but Provincetown is on my list of places I'd like to vacation to. It'd make a good writing retreat on the beach.

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