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I'd love to see either Monroe/Nick, Sean/Nick, or Monroe/Nick/Sean. If that's not your cup of tea, just a general case fic will do. Things I love to see: Monroe being all wolfy, Renard in charge, other characters giving Nick an unexpected helping hand when he needs it the most.

I love (LOVE) fairy tales and fairy tales mixed with the real world and the gritty realness of this show. I love that each episode is based on a specific fairy tale. I love the Big Bad Wolf and all the possibilities that are written into Monroe's character in terms of how he would deal with Nick. Also, the obsession with red and red capes are kinda neat. I could see him go all grr in a horny way if Nick forgot one day and wore a red hoodie. Or red underwear. So much could be done with the werewolf - biting, marking, animalistic urges, all sorts of fun times. Plus the snark. Snark is love. There's a total possibility of 'this is my human' possessiveness.

Some of my favorite fairy tales if you need inspiration and want to go the Grimm retelling route: Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (Not really good fic/episode material but I really like it for some reason), The Elves and the Shoemaker, Briar Rose, The Water Nixie, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Bluebeard, Six Swans

Anything at all with Myers and Nuada will make my day. How do they meet? How do they get along? What makes Nuada fall for Myers? I love AUs where the elves and humans never separated or stories where Nuada magically comes back from the dead.

Maybe something with John getting into trouble and needing rescued, either from some big bad monster or maybe Nuada "kidnaps" him and Hellboy and the group come to the rescue? Or maybe John's sent away as the ambassador to deal with the elves after a peace treaty is formed? Anything involving magic is bonus points.

John's my favorite character. Hands down. I really love Nuada and his angsty brooding fierceness. John and Nuada are such a niche pairing, that I'd love to see more with them. I'd be totally good with an AU for this (since, well it has to be at least a little altered from the cannon to work at all) so if AUs are your thing, go wild, though I'd like it if at least a little of Nuada's divinity/elfiness stuck around. I really like the fact that he's a Celtic god wandering around in the human world. The whole mythology with the Tuatha de Danna and Nuada and all of that is fascinating, so if you want to work that in, feel free. We haven't seen much with Nuada's elf magic either so there's a lot that can be explored there as well. Pretty much anything goes with this prompt.

The Flash
Wells is obsessed with Barry, but how far will that obsession take him and how far will Barry let it go? Alternately, something with Barry training with Oliver or a crossover with the Flash crew working with the Arrow crew.

I'd like to see Barry becoming a stronger fighter, maybe bonding with the gang since he seems to hold himself back from socializing a lot.

Twelfth Night
What if Viola was always Cesario? Give me a genderbent Twelfth Night where the twins were always a pair of male twins instead of male and female.
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