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From the doctor_tailor Valentine's Day exchange:

Valentine's Day
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Recipient: jenni_snake
Rating: R
Word Count: 1400
Disclaimer: Characters used without permission.
Summary: Bashir introduces Garak to Valentine's Day.

Next, two from the latest round of smut_fest:

Fandom: Original Fic
Recipient: txilar
Pairing: m/m/m
Warnings: None
Content Notes: Double penetration
Word Count: 4,600
Beta'd by: covarla
Summary: The worst thing that could possibly happen to Sydney does - he's bonded.

The Alpha and the Omega
Fandom: Original Fic
Recipient: miri_thompson
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: None
Content Notes: D/s themes, spanking
Word Count: 2,300
Beta'd by: covarla
Summary: Alex always dreamed of finding his mate.
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Original Work
M/M, M/F/M
Paul finds a black dog in the woods. It stays longer than he expects.

E Nomine Patre
Original Work
M/M, M/M/M
Paul can't seem to stop thinking about the demon his superiors keep trapped in the ballroom.
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A couple reveals are out. So, this is what I've been writing lately:

The Elves of Bethmoora
Fandom: Hellboy
Pairing: Nuada/Myers, Abe/Nuala
Rating: NC-17
Written for: jeza_red for Yuletide 2012
Summary: When John's forced off active duty due to a broken arm, Abe takes John with him to Bethmoora - the city of the elves.

Strange and Distant Shores
Fandom: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17
Written for: talibusorabat for Yuletide 2012
Summary: In 2398, reporter Felix Marian interviews Chairman Garak and Ambassador Bashir about the formation of the Cardassian Democratic Union and ends up learning more about Cardassia than he intended.

New Horizons
Fandom: Grimm
Pairings: Juliette/Nick, Monroe/Nick
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dubcon, violence, pegging, mpreg, knotting
Written for: platina for Grimm Exchange
Summary: Nick's latest series of cases has unexpected consequences, not just for himself but for Monroe and Juliette as well. A local Wesen has been breeding flowers that have strange effects on Grimm and Wesen and a kidnapper is on the loose and after the child he missed.

New Arrival
Fandom: Original
Pairings: m/m
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: alien sex
Written for: smut_fest
Summary: Alastair arrives on Persea 4 as the first point of contact between the people of Persea 4 and the Allied Planets.
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My story, "The Machinist", from the Weight of a Gun Anthology (gunkink themed) is now available as a single download for a whopping $1.49. If you're interested, it's available in eBook format here.

Here's the description:

In a nightmare world where the things in the dark are large and hungry and humanity has been driven back to the tribal and savage, a man like Avery Belfour is an asset. Avery is a machinist, one of the few left with the knowledge to keep mechanical devices—in particular, guns—in working order. But being in such high demand comes with a price: Avery is kept as a prisoner under lock and key.

When a rival colony raids the compound Avery is kept in and breaks him out, Avery has a brief hope that his incarceration is over. But it turns out that his saviors have just as much need for his services and are just as unlikely to give him the chance to say no. He is dragged away to meet the dark and deadly Harrow, the leader of this new colony. Harrow is a hard man, made so by his circumstances, but Avery wants his freedom, and is willing to do anything to secure it.

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I wrote two fics for this round of [community profile] smut_fest:

Shade (m/m, trans, original) - Shade is used to attracting attention, whether as a male or a female, but there's only one person remotely resistant to her/his charms.

More Than Magic (m/m/m, original/World of Darkness) - Matthew's used to not getting what he wants, so he's taken by surprise when he gets more than he ever wanted.

The full list of who wrote what is available here.
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Author reveal for [ profile] smut_fest is up. I wrote two pieces this round.

Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest, violence, non-con, angst, hurt/comfort, spanking, rimming, Dom/sub, bondage, BDSM
Written for: [ profile] x_disturbed_x for [ profile] smut_fest
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cinder who lived as a servant for his wicked stepmother and his cruel stepbrothers.

LJ | AO3

Green Grows the Holly
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest, violence, character death, angst, breathplay
Written for: [ profile] smut_fest
Summary: Honor leads to betrayal, betrayal to death, and the cycle continues anew. Gawain's love for Bertilak isn't enough to save him from the Green Knight's ax, but they have more than one lifetime to try.
Author's Notes: Title and lyrics taken from the song "Green Grows the Holly".

LJ | AO3
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Weight of a Gun cover

The Weight of a Gun anthology, which I have a story in, is out today. Ebook's $6.99 and the print copy is $13.99. It's a rather hot and steamy anthology, centered around gunkink with a wide variety of genres.

Here's a short excerpt from my story, The Machinist:

"I'm Avery, by the way," he said into the silence. He could hear the other man fumbling with something behind him. "Avery Belfour. From Burning Grounds. And you are?"

"Shut up."

"That's an odd name." Avery could feel his chances of survival decreasing every time he opened his mouth.

The gun withdrew. He had time to briefly fantasize that the stranger was going to let him go before the gun smacked him across the back of the head. He should have expected that. Avery fell forward and caught himself on his palms seconds before his face smacked into the dirty floor. Dust tickled his nose. He started to rise but the cock of a hammer stopped him.

"Stop talking." An explosion marked the stranger's words. Someone had brought out the big guns.

Avery's muscles protested the strange position. The sooner he could sit up, the better. He wasn't used to being bent over like this while still fully clothed. A familiar scent caught Avery's attention. Blood. He knew it wasn't his own, which meant that the smell was coming from his captor. That, or there was a corpse in the room, but Avery liked to think he would have noticed that when they'd walked in.

"You're injured." He could feel the stranger's ire growing as he spoke. "I can help." He'd gotten out of more than a few sticky situations by offering aid. He doubted it would be enough to get the man to let him go, but maybe it would put him on a bit better footing.

There's a review of the anthology up at Pants Off Reviews.

If you happen to pick up a copy, let me know what you think. ^_^ I've got the anthology on my Nook, waiting to be read as soon as I get done with Yuletide.
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Title: Sins of the Father
Pairing: m/m
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: half-sibling incest, mild language, mild violence, mild consent issues
Written For: [personal profile] txilar as part of smut_fest
Summary: Talor came to Aurora for revenge - revenge on the man who stole his money and revenge on his half-brother.

( The inmates had a custom. They'd go around, one by one, and sound off planets. )
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Author reveal for [community profile] smut_fest is up. I was amused that both of the prompts I ended up with requested incest.

The World Between
Fandom: Original
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest
Summary: Elijah Ember has spent most of his life avoiding the war brewing around him.

( Smoke filled the bar like a thick fog, obscuring all but the first scattered row of tables. )

Those Left Behind
Fandom: Original
Pairing: m/m/m
Warnings: incest, mention of non-sexual child abuse
Summary: When the private investigator sent to check on his brother returns his check and won’t answer calls, Brian returns home to find a strange man that can change shapes has taken his place.

( The farmhouse was scarred by age. )
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Yuletide authors have been revealed, and thus I can finally link to what I wrote. Also adding in the story I wrote for kakairu_fest (which had the author reveal on the 28th) that I keep forgetting to post.

My actual Yuletide assignment was for Sex Therapist, which is a wonderfully smutty single-volume work by Kazuma Kodaka. I read it a good dozen times as prep for the fic, though I'd originally intended to add more overt occultness to it, then ended up just leaving it to vague mentions. Have I mentioned how much I love writing for obscure manga fandoms?

Coming to Rest (Sex Therapist by Kazuma Kodaka, Tsuzuki/Kain) - The former priest Kain takes on the appearance of the men his clients secretly love, leaving him to wonder if there's anyone who will see Kain for who he really is.

The pinch-hit I grabbed half-way through (early Dec) was for a series I hadn't read before but the universe really intrigued me with it's kink. The two stories that I wrote off of are available online, though I did end up buying the PDF version. (There's a link at the top of the story, it's a whopping $3.) Nearly 7k of pure smut. I don't think I've ever written anything that used that many kink tags. I had to keep looking up what all was in the story. DEFINITELY signing up to write for this again next year.

Electricity (Mate/Whip-Hand by Lauren P. Burka, d'Schane/Terry) - Terry knows that d'Schane is hiding something from him and worries that his lover is slipping away.

And, finally, the last-minute extra fic that I wrote on Christmas Eve, a Rapunzel spin-off. It was supposed to be quick and short. I failed, but at least the story turned out well.

The Boy in the Tower (Fairy Tales/Rapunzel spin-off, original, M/M) - After the prince is thrown from the tower and killed, Rapunzel is left with child. Her son is taken away to live in the tower as Rapunzel's replacement, until a young lord comes to rescue him.

Also, the Kakairu Fest story:

Thorns Have Roses (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka) - Genma bets Kakashi that he can't get laid in two weeks, but there's only one person that Kakashi's interested in.
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Title: Death's Shadow
Fandom: Original
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Torture, Violence, Death
Summary: Fuyuki is a courtesan at the House of Falling Leaves. One night he wakes to find Death walking the halls.
Written For: Kink Big Bang using the kinks Courtesans/Geisha, Death

( Something was wrong. )

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