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Happy New Year everyone!

This past year has been pretty good to me, overall. I changed jobs and I'm really loving my new job. I'm working on websites for teachers (professional development, so far) and it's a big change from working for telcos. I feel like what I'm doing now is something people will actually use and care about, plus the atmosphere at the new place is so much better. It's a smaller company so it feels less like I'm lost in a crowd of employees. Also, I'll be getting my own office (everyone has their own office) I just have to wait for them to build the extension since we're out of space.

I had a major writing slump for most of the year, but I'm over that now as the last post can attest. Finally found the right mix of antidepressants to get me where I need to be.

In terms of writing, I should have a few more professionally published works coming out next year - a tentacle anthology story, the end to the Machinist/Inquisitor trilogy, a couple other things are in the works including a novel. Fanfic-wise, I've got two Teen Wolf fics I'm in the middle of, I just need to finish them which involves figuring out how to get from point A to point C. I'll get there eventually.

I'm getting married Nov 1, 2014 so the new year promises to be full of wedding planning fun times. I've got 90% already planned. Mostly we just need to pay for things. It's going to be a fun time.

I set up an etsy shop to sell the chainmaille jewelry I've been making. I've got an application in for Colassalcon's artist alley, which I'll be going to either way. I'm staffing Rainbow Con in Tampa in April. I'll also be at Anime North, as usual, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yaoi North. Hopefully should have some big things going on for that. I may be at a few other cons since I've been helping my friend Erin with her artist alley both for Pixel Visions.
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I am on Twitter, unsurprisingly as @gryvon. If anyone else is on Twitter (I know Sejitsu and Avocado Love are ^_^) let me know cause I need more fandom in my twitter stream.

So my [profile] hp_3fofun story has been turned in, full of Snape, Draco, and Harry goodness. The story will appear on the community LJ sometime after November 1st and then my site January 1st. I think this is the first challenge comm I've run into that requests an exclusive on posting for a certain amount of time, which almost made me not participate. But the story idea was awesome and it'll make its rounds to other sites eventually.

I can't wait for December 9th and getting my first short story published! Looking into doing a lot more anthology submissions, and November's going to be insane with NaNoWriMo. I will get my novel done.

This month is all about KakaIru, with maybe some Psych (aka the third part in that Psych series I've been doing where Shawn's actually psychic) thrown in if I get done early with the rest of it. And then that kills off my signups up until Yuletide. But it's a good thing October is light because...

...the rest of the rambling )
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Saw Easy A with the twin. Already have a second showing with an expanded group of friends lined up for Thursday. AWESOME movie. Basic premise is that the main character, Olive (Emma Stone - Zombieland, Superbad, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), tells her best friend that she was on a date with a college guy to get out of going camping with bff and her uber hippy parents. The lie grows when bff thinks Olive lost her virginity and Olive goes along with it. Unfortunately the lie is heard by Christian-freak Marianne (Amanda Bynes - All That, She's the Man, Sydney White) who spreads it across school, making Olive the social outcast as everyone thinks she's a slut. Lies grow. Drama happens. Ends off with cute romantic schmoop. Movie also stars Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Malcolm McDowell (do I even need to list things?), Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), Thomas Haden Church (many things). Olive's parents were hilarious, Olive is hilarious. There's so much good comedy in this movie. Just one long string of awesome and funny.

Recently finished reading Mercedes Lackey's Legacies which was a good read. Looking forward to picking up the sequel Conspiracies once it's out. (Which I have word from a knowing source is as awesome as the first book. ^_~) My only complaint about the book is that I occasionally wanted to push the main character in a well so she would stop whining but the plot moved it along well. (Also, there maaay be a gay character hiding in the series. Right there. Oh, yes. ^_^)

I've now moved on to Paranormalcy which is so far awesome. I'd read an excerpt ahead of time and stalk follow the author on Twitter so it's cool to finally have the much hyped book in my hands. Hype = totally justified. So far, quite a good read, but really how can you say no to a book where the main character wields a pink sparkly taser? (With rhinestones.) Oh, and there's fairies. And sulking vampires. And security guard werewolves. And lots of fun humor.

After that, I'm on to Hunger Games, finally, and then comes the real question... Which of the three books after that should I read first?

Option 1 - Speak - I'd picked this up out of curiosity since there's a bit of a kerfluffle about it being banned recently because of sexual content. Except there's no sex in the book, from what I've heard. The book's about a high school girl who's raped but doesn't want to admit that it happened. Been around for ten years, so I'm surprise I hadn't heard about it, but then I haven't really been paying too much attention to books of late.

Option 2 - The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Another book that's been hyped a lot. Zombie apocalypse. Village surrounded by fence. Sisterhood running village based on outdated religious values. Technology forgotten. Question of whether the zombies are even out there anymore.

Option 3 - Boy Meets Boy - Short high school coming of age gay love story.

So those are the three options, though I'll also be sprinkling bits of the Quran and other religious texts in there as I've been wanting to refresh my religious diversity/knowledge. I attempted the "read the first paragraph" test on all three, but the problem with buying off of recs from others is that they're all really well written so they've each got a strong hook, just pulling in three different genres. (Though technically all Young Adult which is really more of a meta-genre...)

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