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NaNoWriMo has come once again. I'll be participating, as usual, though this year I'm focusing on trying to get something actually publishable instead of the usual fanfic. (That's a lie. It'll be likely half fanfic at least since I have a big bang due Dec 9 and two ongoing chapter fics but I have this vague hope of getting through the novel too without dying.) Now, I know I can do the 50k writing part but the big hurdle, at least for me, is revision and finding a revision partner (aside from my wonderful twin who is much abused with my many last minute dumps of fiction to beta). So, I was thinking of a way to do revision and then I thought of my twin's novel which is also going through revision chapter by chapter and I figured there had to be more people who would like some help with revision, what with it being NaNo now. What I came up with is:

Chapter Revision Exchange! (Maybe...)

How this would (theoretically) work:

- Authors sign up (giving the length of their work, possibly genre and other details)
- Authors are matched to reviewers (Using a circular structure so that you're not reviewing the person who's reviewing you, and matching people based on length of work)
- Each week, starting Jan 1, authors post 5k worth of chapter(s) for review (likely on a locked forum, so other participants could see and give additional revision notes but it wouldn't be public)
- Revision would run until the story's done. For standard NaNo of 50k, that would wrap by March 10th. For YA novels of <80k (aka my target), that would wrap April 22.

There are other forums out there for revision (Absolute Write, Critters, Book Country) but I kind of want something NaNoWriMo-focused and fandom-friendly. (In other words, something open to fanfic as well.)

Thoughts? Interest?

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