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I just finished this trilogy and despite a brief stint near the end of the third book that made me want to throw the book (stick with it, it's worth it) it's a wonderful series. It's a sort of gay Romeo and Juliet story with witches. Here's the Amazon blurb:

A boy who can see the world's secrets and unravel spells with just a glance.

Braden's witch eyes give him an enormous power. A mere look causes a kaleidoscopic explosion of emotions, memories, darkness, and magic. But this rare gift is also his biggest curse.

Compelled to learn about his shadowed past and the family he never knew, Braden is drawn to the city of Belle Dam, where he is soon caught between two feuding witch dynasties. Sworn rivals Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe will use anything--lies, manipulation, illusion, and even murder--to seize control of Braden's powers. To stop an ancient evil from destroying the town, Braden must master his gift, even through the shocking discovery that Jason is his father. While his feelings for an enigmatic boy named Trey grow deeper, Braden realizes a terrible truth: Trey is Catherine Lansing's son . . . and Braden may be destined to kill him.

I devoured each book pretty quick. I like how Braden and Trey's relationship develops slowly with plot complications getting in the way. I absolutely loved the side character Drew. In fact all of the side characters are pretty well done. By the third book Braden's father had turned from this distant asshole to a character that had really grown on me.
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For those that missed the con but want to live vicariously, Aidee Ladnier storified her wonderful live tweeting of the event here.

Despite being an awkward turtle, I actually managed to meet some people and talk to them. For an introvert like me the sheer amount of people I met is impressive. I wasn't out and about as much as I probably should have been (see: awkward introvert turtle) but for the little that I was, it was definitely worth it. I think for next year, I need a series of T-shirts or a sign that says "I'm shy. Talk to me."

An incomplete list of people I met who were awesome:

Obviously, the wonderful organizers of SMP: Kris, Saundra, and Roger who are all amazingly awesome. It was so cool meeting them in person.

Kassa of Three AM Reviews - One of my two wonderful roomies! I had a great time rooming with her.

Ann Anderson - My other wonderful roomie, and probably the person I spent the most time hanging out with during the con. It was great to spend time with her and I'm looking forward to sharing a room again next year.

Cari Z - I'm in the middle of reading her book Changing Worlds from Storm Moon Press right now and loving it. Aliens! Yay!

Aidee Ladnier - Check out her blog or twitter for an awesome recap of what happened at the con.

Kindle Alexander - I met both halves of this writing duo and they are such sweethearts! I had to pick up one of their books, Texas Pride, when I ordered from Amazon today.

Sue Brown - It was great meeting Sue. She was one of the first people I got to talk to at the convention. I picked up her book, Final Admission, off of Amazon today.

Amanda Ching - Amanda's one of the editor's at Storm Moon Press. She's lovely to work with and she also does freelance editing, so if you're looking for an editor, I can't recommend her enough.

Kathleen Tudor - Another SMP editor, who worked with me on the Tall, Dark, and Wriggly edits. She's a wonderful person and also freelances so if you need editing work done, I also recommend her.

Caethes Faron - She was fun to talk to and a great dinner companion on Thursday when we all went out for Greek. I really need to pick up one of her books.

David Berger - I was on a panel with him and very narrowly beat him at a game of Cards Against Humanity. He probably remembers me as the girl who never left con suite because we always ended up there at the same time.

I'm probably forgetting people so I may add to this list as I remember others...
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Avengers, Steve/Tony, PG - Match Game
Matchmaking: Avengers style.

Fairy tales - Bluebeard and Carmilla, M/F, F/F, PG-13 - Bloody
“I don’t want to marry him.” Laura threw a slipper at the wall. “He’s ugly and old and he’s been married thirty times and lives in this creepy house on the edge of the creepy woods and he dyes his beard blue. Blue.” She fell back on the wide soft goose down tick.

Carmilla, who did not find the woods or the house especially creepy, wanted only to be alone with Laura.

Fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, Gen - The Funeral Dress
There is no wolf. It's just a cautionary tale.

Love Actually, Peter/Juliet/Mark, G - Twelve Gifts
Twelve things that Peter, Juliet, and Mark gave to each other over the course of a year... and one other thing, in the subtext.

Love Actually, Peter/Juliet/Mark, NC-17 - The Gift of Love
Mark's drifting away from them.

Love Actually, Multi, PG - Feel It In Your Fingers (Five Questions on the Nature of Love)
Love is all around us, so let the feelings show.

Love Mode, Reiji/Naoya, PG - When the Tide Comes (I'll Take You Away)
Naoya asks Reiji to teach him how to kiss "like a man," a task Reiji rates somewhere between simple and impossible.

Sky High, Warren/Will, PG - Love Like a Cannonball
Being a superhero is harder on some days than others. Being a superhero in love with your best friend never gets easier. A series of scenes in the progression of Will and Warren's relationship.

Twelfth Night, Gen - Sea Change
"They grow up odd, symmetrically so." The trajectory from Viola to Cesario—and from sister to brother.

xxxHolic, Gen - Living Memory
When we have joys we wish to share, we remember.

And one other rec -

Harry Potter, Draco/Harry - The Heart of Hogwarts
Harry Potter is a painter. He travels the world painting people and places and is known as one of the greatest young painters in the world. His latest travel is aboard the Hogwarts, one of the most beautifully crafted airships in the world.
Harry Potter Steampunk. Need I say more?
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Castle, Gen - Once Bitten
Richard Castle likes to believe that there are monsters and aliens out there, waiting to cause chaos. Trouble is that this time, he's right.

Fairy tales (Bluebeard), Het, R - 707 Bluebird Lane
As inclined as she is to just have another round against the front door, Judy decides they’ll have lots of time for that, and she can make him wait a little. “Come on. Give me the tour.”

Fairy tales, Bluebeard/Rapunzel's Prince, PG - Recommend Thy Self to God
"Then he wandered, blind and miserable, through the wood, eating nothing but roots and berries, and weeping and lamenting the loss of his lovely bride." The Prince finds by misadventure the hospitality of a country lord of unique appearance.

Goodnight Moon, Gen - Goodnight Room
Bunnies ... in ... SPAAAAAAAACE!

Ocean's Trilogy, Rusty/Linus, PG - My Shangri-La
Rusty has a candy cane in his hand, and Linus is a much better actor than he used to be. Interruptions aren't quite so difficult to recover from when your consort for the evening is an experienced con man.

Portal, Gen - The Game is a Lie
GLaDOS: the artificial intelligence that cried wolf.
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Saw Easy A with the twin. Already have a second showing with an expanded group of friends lined up for Thursday. AWESOME movie. Basic premise is that the main character, Olive (Emma Stone - Zombieland, Superbad, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), tells her best friend that she was on a date with a college guy to get out of going camping with bff and her uber hippy parents. The lie grows when bff thinks Olive lost her virginity and Olive goes along with it. Unfortunately the lie is heard by Christian-freak Marianne (Amanda Bynes - All That, She's the Man, Sydney White) who spreads it across school, making Olive the social outcast as everyone thinks she's a slut. Lies grow. Drama happens. Ends off with cute romantic schmoop. Movie also stars Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Malcolm McDowell (do I even need to list things?), Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), Thomas Haden Church (many things). Olive's parents were hilarious, Olive is hilarious. There's so much good comedy in this movie. Just one long string of awesome and funny.

Recently finished reading Mercedes Lackey's Legacies which was a good read. Looking forward to picking up the sequel Conspiracies once it's out. (Which I have word from a knowing source is as awesome as the first book. ^_~) My only complaint about the book is that I occasionally wanted to push the main character in a well so she would stop whining but the plot moved it along well. (Also, there maaay be a gay character hiding in the series. Right there. Oh, yes. ^_^)

I've now moved on to Paranormalcy which is so far awesome. I'd read an excerpt ahead of time and stalk follow the author on Twitter so it's cool to finally have the much hyped book in my hands. Hype = totally justified. So far, quite a good read, but really how can you say no to a book where the main character wields a pink sparkly taser? (With rhinestones.) Oh, and there's fairies. And sulking vampires. And security guard werewolves. And lots of fun humor.

After that, I'm on to Hunger Games, finally, and then comes the real question... Which of the three books after that should I read first?

Option 1 - Speak - I'd picked this up out of curiosity since there's a bit of a kerfluffle about it being banned recently because of sexual content. Except there's no sex in the book, from what I've heard. The book's about a high school girl who's raped but doesn't want to admit that it happened. Been around for ten years, so I'm surprise I hadn't heard about it, but then I haven't really been paying too much attention to books of late.

Option 2 - The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Another book that's been hyped a lot. Zombie apocalypse. Village surrounded by fence. Sisterhood running village based on outdated religious values. Technology forgotten. Question of whether the zombies are even out there anymore.

Option 3 - Boy Meets Boy - Short high school coming of age gay love story.

So those are the three options, though I'll also be sprinkling bits of the Quran and other religious texts in there as I've been wanting to refresh my religious diversity/knowledge. I attempted the "read the first paragraph" test on all three, but the problem with buying off of recs from others is that they're all really well written so they've each got a strong hook, just pulling in three different genres. (Though technically all Young Adult which is really more of a meta-genre...)

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