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Anime North

Anime North went well. There was some snafu with the AV setup and all the showing DVDs not being burned properly but we worked around those and made it work. All in all, everyone seemed to have a really good time. Our guests - slashreport and Storm Moon Press - were awesome and it was so cool having them attend. I'm eager to get started on plotting and planning for next year. We're hoping to make Yaoi/Yuri North even bigger and better next year.

Charity Fic

I have a charity auction up for the Big 24 (HIV/AIDS charity) over here. It's a very lonely auction right now with no bids. For the price of a cup of coffee I'll write you pretty much anything you want. Anything. You know you want to bid.


I'll be at Collossalcon June 6-8 in Sandusky, Ohio. I'll be doing a panel on How Not to Write Badfic on Saturday at 6pm so come by and see me.
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Like the title says, it's 9 days until Anime North and I'm mostly prepared. I've got notes for half my panels. Still need to make up notes for the rest but I've got this weekend to do it. Not that I can't wing most of the panels off the top of my head, but I like being prepared... and making powerpoints. So far my schedule is:

Yaoi Fans Might Like...
Friday at 1800 (6:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
Recommendations for other books, TV shows, comics, etc with LGBTQ content.

Writing Sex (18+)
Friday at 1900 (7:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
How to write gripping sex scenes and work with plot in your porn.

How To Not Write Badfic
Saturday at 1900 (7:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
A discussion of common errors in yaoi/slash fanfiction and how to avoid them. Questions welcome!

The Alpha and the Omega
Saturday at 2000 (8:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
Delving into the subgenre that is Alpha/Beta/Omega alternate universes.

Teen Wolf Slash
Sunday at 1200 (12:00 pm) in Collingwood (Sheraton)
Discussion of slash pairings and recs for Teen Wolf.

I think the panel I'm most looking forward to is the Alpha and the Omega. I love ABO AUs. This panel almost didn't run cause we only have two people on it and we're low on space but it made it in and I'm super excited.

Howler Con

May. 6th, 2014 03:06 pm
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Yesterday I learned about a new convention for Teen Wolf fans on the East Coast, Howler Con. There's not a lot of info up so far, just a date and a location but I'm super stoked about the fact that the convention is happening. I'm low on vacation days so I can't afford to take the Friday off to go, but I'll definitely be there for Saturday and Sunday's content. It's only a 6 hour drive. Ah! I can't wait!

Anyone interested can back their IndieGoGo campaign here. I backed for the t-shirt but I may back for one of the attendance packages if I have money after buying all the gardening supplies I need this weekend.
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Well, Nauticon was a complete bust, but at least the food was good.

We drove out Thursday night, stopping for the night in a small town near the Massachusetts border and then finishing off the drive Friday morning with an hour or two detour to the coast to enjoy the view of the seashore. We got out and walked around a bit at one of the lookout points on the coast, though my asthma was acting up so I didn't get to do too much walking. We stopped for lunch at Moby Dick's where I had a delicious scallop sandwich.

We arrived at the Provincetown Inn a little early to find we'd been assigned a King bed for the three of us. We made it work but it would have been nice to have the option of a double bed. The artists alley for Nauticon was run out of the artists' hotel rooms, which was a little awkward for everyone involved. It made taking naps impossible but it did mean we could set our own hours for the shop. My roommates Erin and Tim made use of that to go hiking Saturday morning.

I went to the yaoi panel "Anime is so gay" on Friday night. It was a general introduction panel with a whole five people in the audience. Well organized but a rehash of information I already knew. Overall a good panel.

Provincetown is a lovely area with HORRIBLE driving conditions. There's very little parking at the restaurants so you either have to get there early or find one of the few public parking lots and walk. Also the majority of the streets are narrow one lane roads, some of which are labeled one way and some of which are not which caused a few hair raising moments on the way in.

That being said, I LOVED the atmosphere of Provincetown. It's very queer-friendly. One of the restaurants we went to, Victor's (fabulous raw bar, slow service) was described as being gayer than Christmas, but I found it was Bayside Betsey's that had the best gay atmosphere and amazing service, plus the best alfredo I've had in my life and delicious eggplant fries. If you go to Provincetown, you have to try Betsey's.

The rest of Nauticon was a bust. I sold nothing. Not a thing. There was barely anyone in attendance. We got maybe 20 people to stop into our room to check out wares. There wasn't a lot of content that interested me (besides the yaoi panel and the Voltaire concert). It's mostly a drinking and party convention, which while I like those in small doses, wasn't really my thing.

Not a con I'll be back to, but Provincetown is on my list of places I'd like to vacation to. It'd make a good writing retreat on the beach.
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For those that missed the con but want to live vicariously, Aidee Ladnier storified her wonderful live tweeting of the event here.

Despite being an awkward turtle, I actually managed to meet some people and talk to them. For an introvert like me the sheer amount of people I met is impressive. I wasn't out and about as much as I probably should have been (see: awkward introvert turtle) but for the little that I was, it was definitely worth it. I think for next year, I need a series of T-shirts or a sign that says "I'm shy. Talk to me."

An incomplete list of people I met who were awesome:

Obviously, the wonderful organizers of SMP: Kris, Saundra, and Roger who are all amazingly awesome. It was so cool meeting them in person.

Kassa of Three AM Reviews - One of my two wonderful roomies! I had a great time rooming with her.

Ann Anderson - My other wonderful roomie, and probably the person I spent the most time hanging out with during the con. It was great to spend time with her and I'm looking forward to sharing a room again next year.

Cari Z - I'm in the middle of reading her book Changing Worlds from Storm Moon Press right now and loving it. Aliens! Yay!

Aidee Ladnier - Check out her blog or twitter for an awesome recap of what happened at the con.

Kindle Alexander - I met both halves of this writing duo and they are such sweethearts! I had to pick up one of their books, Texas Pride, when I ordered from Amazon today.

Sue Brown - It was great meeting Sue. She was one of the first people I got to talk to at the convention. I picked up her book, Final Admission, off of Amazon today.

Amanda Ching - Amanda's one of the editor's at Storm Moon Press. She's lovely to work with and she also does freelance editing, so if you're looking for an editor, I can't recommend her enough.

Kathleen Tudor - Another SMP editor, who worked with me on the Tall, Dark, and Wriggly edits. She's a wonderful person and also freelances so if you need editing work done, I also recommend her.

Caethes Faron - She was fun to talk to and a great dinner companion on Thursday when we all went out for Greek. I really need to pick up one of her books.

David Berger - I was on a panel with him and very narrowly beat him at a game of Cards Against Humanity. He probably remembers me as the girl who never left con suite because we always ended up there at the same time.

I'm probably forgetting people so I may add to this list as I remember others...
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I had a blast being a volunteer and attendee of RainbowCon 2014 this past weekend. It was so much fun I wished I didn't have to go home, but at the same time I was really happy to see my bed and my boy and my cats.

I flew down Wednesday, going from Buffalo to Philly to Miami to Tampa since they oversold the Philly to Tampa flight and I had time to kill so I figured what the hell, I'll be a good Samaritan and take a different flight. I am sooo out of shape. Walking all over the airports plus my asthma was killer, but I made it just in time to wait three hours for a room to be ready. Let me just say, the Embassy Suites near USF is soooo not recommended. Thankfully the con isn't there next year. They tried to give me a king room for three people, when my reservation was for a double. That was on top of waiting two and a half hours past when check in was supposed to start to even get a room. I got upgraded to a "premium" room (not much premium about it) for free so there was at least that.

My roomies were awesome, however. I had the best luck ever with random draw of rooming with people I'd never met before. Ann Anderson, Lor Rose, and Kassa were all sweethearts and we got along great.

Thursday started with working the reg line. Sorry to the people whose badges I couldn't find on the first try. The boxes got a little unorganized once we started digging in for name tags. I think everyone got their printed badges in the end, or at least got a badge so it all worked out.

My first panel of the weekend was Beginner's Guide to Con Going with Lori Toland and Roger Armstrong. We had a small but enthusiastic audience and it was a good panel overall. We talked about the 6/3/1 rule (6 hours of sleep, 3 meals, 1 shower, every day) and general tips on how to survive the con (lots of water, have a buddy, make a plan).

The first panel I attended was Author Etiquette with Amanda Ching, Martin Delacroix, Sandrine Gasq-Dion, Shae Connor, Anastasia Vitsky, and Kathleen Tudor. It was full of useful information, like avoiding GoodReads (at least for your own stuff) as an author and how not to get a bad reputation with readers. There was discussion on how to work with editors (Amanda and Kathleen are both editors with Storm Moon Press) and Twitter etiquette. All around a good panel and I wish I'd taken better notes to share with you all.

One of the things I really liked that the con did was schedule breaks for lunch and dinner were there wasn't content going on. For a smaller con like this, I think it was important because it gave us all time to socialize and get food without having to miss out on content. I have to say the content overall was stellar. There were times when there were two or three panels scheduled at the same time and I had a hard time choosing what to go to.

Another thing that was really cool was the con suite. There was free food (lunch meats, cheese and crackers, veggie trays, cookies, fruit, candy) and drinks (coffee, water, juice, soda/pop) available to con goers from 10am to 10pm the entirety of con. I never paid for lunch because I kept going up to the con suite and nibbling on the free food. Usually while I was there I got a chance to talk to other authors so it was a two for one deal with free food and great conversation. I met a lot of people just by being in the con suite.

Thursday night (and most nights) I crashed early, so I didn't get to see how the Relay Naughty Jeopardy turned out but I heard people had fun and were cursing me a little bit for the hard questions I put together. There was a low turnout so the questions will probably reappear next year with some tweaks.

Friday started off with a double panel header. First I was on Trends in Young Adult Fiction with Allison Cassatta, Beau Schemery (who wears awesome kilts), Cody Stanford, and David Berger. Our host was a no-show so we winged it but it turned out pretty good. We talked about the slow increase in trans and bi stories, though there's still a need for more of them. David Berger actually teaches high school so he was able to provide perspective on what teens are actually reading, which is generally above their grade level so most of the teens he knew were actually reading adult books in preparation for college.

After that, I was hosting Fifty Shades of WTF? talking about BDSM in fiction with Amelia C. Gormley, Andrew Grey, Michael Murphy, Vicktor Alexander, and VJ Summers. We talked about the kinds of things that throw us out of stories, examples of good and bad BSDM fiction, and about how realistic an author needs to be to both tell a good story and be authentic to real life BDSM relationships.

Then, later in the day, I was on Bisexual Mythbusters: Dispelling Bisexual Myths with Anel Viz, CR Guiliano, Grace R. Duncan, Sue Brown, Roger Armstrong, and K. Piet. Everyone on the panel was a bisexual and we talked a lot about bi erasure. Part of the problem is that it's not visible when someone is bi (unless they're poly) because they're usually either in a "straight" relationship or a "gay" relationship. We talked a bit about the stigma of being bi in gay communities and how it's hard for a bi person to attract a same-sex partner because of the fear that the bi partner will eventually end the relationship or cheat on their partner for an opposite sex relationship.

I ended off Friday by running Euphemism Bingo, which was a blast. I think people got a kick out of my dry pronunciation of each new euphemism. We had such wonders as "punching the starfish", "whore pipe", "jizz", and more. I learned a few new terms like clicket and crumpet.

Saturday I was working, so I didn't make it to any panels but there were several I wished I could go to like Writing Trans* and Genderqueer Characters, This is the Story that Never Ends: Series and Serials, Fade to Black? Erotic Content in QUILTBAG Young Adult Fiction, Won't Someone Please Think of the Children? QUILTBAG Young Adult Fiction, Appropriation and Fetishization, Worldbuilding Workshop, Behind the Curtain: An Inside Look at Publishing, and Handling Criticism.

Saturday ended with a con floor pizza party with rainbow jello shots and it was awesome. I ended up crashing early, but there were people in the con suite having a blast until 2am. Plus we had cake for Becky Condit's birthday.

Sunday I ran a game of Munchkin which only one person showed up to, so it was a short game. I ran Cards Against Humanity a little after that, which was much better attended and we had a blast. I won by one point. Then it was time for the closing ceremonies and the charity raffle. The con raised over $1000 for Equality Florida.

I'm hoping RainbowCon 2015 has an even bigger turnout. The details, for those interested are:

RainbowCon 2015
July 16-19, 2015
Holiday Inn Westshore
Tampa, Fl

General Registration is $75 and opens (iirc) in May 2014.
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It's starting to get to be con season again. These are the conventions I'm going to (below). Anyone going to any fun conventions?

April 11-13
Buffalo, NY
(Vending as WarMaidens)

April 17-20
Tampa, FL

Nauticon (maybe)
May 2-4
Provincetown, MA
(Possibly vending as WarMaidens/selling books)

Anime North
May 23-25
Toronto, ON
(Staffing Yaoi North)

June 6-8
Sandusky, OH

October 18 & 19
Philadelphia, PA
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We're currently seeking panelists for Anime North, specifically I'm looking for three other people who want to talk about Teen Wolf Slash with me. Other open panels are listed here.

If you have any suggestions for panels, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'm always looking for new ideas.
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Happy New Year everyone!

This past year has been pretty good to me, overall. I changed jobs and I'm really loving my new job. I'm working on websites for teachers (professional development, so far) and it's a big change from working for telcos. I feel like what I'm doing now is something people will actually use and care about, plus the atmosphere at the new place is so much better. It's a smaller company so it feels less like I'm lost in a crowd of employees. Also, I'll be getting my own office (everyone has their own office) I just have to wait for them to build the extension since we're out of space.

I had a major writing slump for most of the year, but I'm over that now as the last post can attest. Finally found the right mix of antidepressants to get me where I need to be.

In terms of writing, I should have a few more professionally published works coming out next year - a tentacle anthology story, the end to the Machinist/Inquisitor trilogy, a couple other things are in the works including a novel. Fanfic-wise, I've got two Teen Wolf fics I'm in the middle of, I just need to finish them which involves figuring out how to get from point A to point C. I'll get there eventually.

I'm getting married Nov 1, 2014 so the new year promises to be full of wedding planning fun times. I've got 90% already planned. Mostly we just need to pay for things. It's going to be a fun time.

I set up an etsy shop to sell the chainmaille jewelry I've been making. I've got an application in for Colassalcon's artist alley, which I'll be going to either way. I'm staffing Rainbow Con in Tampa in April. I'll also be at Anime North, as usual, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yaoi North. Hopefully should have some big things going on for that. I may be at a few other cons since I've been helping my friend Erin with her artist alley both for Pixel Visions.
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I was at Youmacon this past weekend, helping my friend Erin in the artist alley. She sells 8-bit and 16-bit Perler bead art but she specializes in 3D sprites and sculptures, which leads to pretty good sales. (Her shop is Pixel Visions.) Friday was slow sales but then it picked up Saturday. Seemed like everyone just wanted to circle the first day and decide where to spend their money before committing.

I was hoping to make it to the yaoi panels but sitting around all day selling stuff turned out to be more exhausting that I would have expected. I did get to try Pizzapalis (sp?) which is a really good Chicago-style pizzeria in Greektown in Detroit. There was also a really good french bakery next door which provided pastries for Saturday and Sunday's breakfast.

I can now say I'm an expert at circling the Detroit Renaissance Center looking for open parking lots. >.>

I picked up some cool stuff in the artist's alley. I got four pieces of art from Yun Peng. You can see the Sakura piece I got as a present for my twin on her homepage. She had a really cool Loki piece that I got for my friend Kaela and two matching original pieces that will eventually decorate the walls in my house.

Cogs N Creatures had amazingly cute plushies. I picked up a Loch Ness and a Bat. Hopefully her etsy shop will restock soon cause she had an octo plushie that I wanted but she was sold out of everything and gone on Sunday before I could buy one.

Big shout out to daunt who was the ONLY person selling Teen Wolf stuff and thus I had to fangirl at her and buy lots of her stuff.

Probably one of the most impressive shops I found was Little Creations by AnyaZoe. Erin bought me a Thor from her and it's just the cutest little crochet doll ever. Erin and Candie (the twin) both got Ursalas which were phenomenally well done. I'm going to be picking up more of her stuff for Christmas presents once I get paid tomorrow.

All in all, it was a decent con, though helping Erin has really given me the bug to sell my own stuff (chain maille jewelry and other crafts) at cons. Maybe next year. For now, I have a shit ton of stuff I need to be writing.

Weird Yaoi

May. 15th, 2013 12:44 pm
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So I'm doing a panel on weird stuff that occurs in yaoi anime/manga/fandom. The panel is appropriately titled "Lightbulbs and Corn: Strange Yaoi". I've covered most of the basics, but I could use a few more slides. So...

What's the weirdest thing(s) you've come across in yaoi or slash fandom?
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Yaoi North, a subsection of Anime North, (which I run) is looking for panelists. No previous experience is required, just a love of yaoi and an interest in sharing that love with others. All aspects of yaoi fandom are available to talk about - favorite fandoms, writing, fanart, culture, history, and even fandom meta. We're open to pretty much anything.

Four panels earns you a free Anime North t-shirt. Five panels gets your registration refunded in full and possibly some other cool swag.

Panel registration is available at A list of currently suggested panels and general panel discussion is available on the Yaoi North sub-forum.

Anime North is held May May 24 - 26, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The main portion of the convention takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre and Doubletree International Plaza Hotel with the Yaoi North portion at the Sheraton Toronto Airport. More information about the convention can be found at
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So [personal profile] ashcat (photoash on LJ) and I are planning to do a writing panel at Otakon again. (Or at least we'd like to try. Didn't get in last year but doesn't hurt to apply and we've run three times before.) We're looking for other authors (fanfic or otherwise) who'll be attending the con (Baltimore, July 27-29) to panel with us.

Usually the panel is on general writing but we were tossing around the possibility of making it less PG or maybe yaoi-specific.

Any takers?
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Otakon schedule is finally up! [profile] photoash and I will be presenting Beyond the Basics: Fanfiction from Start to Finish Friday at noon in Panel Room 1. We'll be discussing writing tips for making strong openings and endings, as well as general writing advice. Previous panels (this would be our third) are available here.
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My twin is currently doing research on fandom and fan conventions for her doctoral dissertation. If you have a few minutes, please take the time to fill out the survey. You'll likely be seeing it pop up a number of places tomorrow, but if there's somewhere where you think it should be posted, feel free to comment on her original post here and let her know.

Fandom and Fan Convention Survey

Feel free to repost/retweet/spread this as you'd like.

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