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So, Yuletide was awesome this year. I wrote two fics, one of which was a brand new kink for me. I was all "this is the first I've run across this, must not be a very popular kink but seems okay to me" and then I wrote fic and the Yuletide readers have been proving how very wrong I was about that kink. Like whoa.

Author reveals are this weekend. Whee!

So, to start off, I got five fic. FIVE. And they're all awesome. ^___^

Just a Little Slip - (Grimm, PG, Eddie/Nick) It started with I need you and I trust you and protect my aunt and please. And it’s been so long since Eddie’s been wanted that he just couldn’t say no.
I asked for a fic about Eddie going all animalistic and this fit that to a T.

Not My Type - (Hellboy, PG, Nuada/John) When John gets back, a lot of things are different around the BPRD. Most notably all the elves.
More Nuada/John!!! There is so not enough of this pairing!

Tree Dreams - (Hellboy, PG, Nuada/John) John Myers: Tree Hugger.
Even more Nuada/John, with a slight humor bent and a setup full of awesome and win.

Stop and Smell the Grimm - (Grimm, R, Eddie/Nick) Sometimes Nick forgets exactly how good Monroe's sense of smell is.
THIS!! OMG THIS!!! *flails*

Little Details - (Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, G, Gen) It's not that he minds - but Hanna doesn't share much, so when he does, it feels extraordinarily important.
Fic! For HiNaBN!! Happy, happy case fic!

And other fic I enjoyed, sorted by fandom, with a mix of genres and pairings or lack thereof:

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Received three very lovely, incredibly awesome fics for Yuletide this year! So much reading goodness.

Elenium/Tamuli, male!Aphrael/Talen, genderswitch, NC-17 - Experience
OK, he might have liked to have experimented with men or, indeed, anyone, before he’d married, and still thought it was incredibly unfair that through his hormone-charged teenage years he’d been unknowingly under the thumb of his practically omnipotent future wife and over-protective future father-in-law, but he was married now, and had no interest in dallying with anyone except his wife.

Elemium/Tamuli, male!Aphrael/Talen, genderswap, PG - The Thief and the Hawk
Talen had always been aware of the way Hawk looked at him.

Hellboy, Hellboy/John, PG - Exported People, Expatriated Cats
In which John Myers goes to Antarctica, shocks Hellboy and adopts a kitten.


Dec. 25th, 2009 11:15 am
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The Yuletide archive has finally opened. (Site may be slow for a while due to the hammoring of everyone piling in to read.) Three of my stories are hidden in there. Sadly I only had a chance to get one extra story done for Yuletide Madness, mostly due to the fact that I'm apparently incapable of writing anything short. >.- I ended up with four wonderful fics:

White Collar

Pear-Shaped - When Neal suggests a case all does not go according to plan.

Hour of the Wolf - Neal doesn't like hospitals, most especially when he's the one in them. At least Peter's there to drive him home.

I Owe You One - Neal Caffrey's idea of owing somebody can be rather unique.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Permanent Ghosts (Sam/G) - Talking about his foster brother, Jason, in "Keepin' It Real" has caused G to remember more than he wants to.

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