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Weight of a Gun II is out, which includes my story The Inquisitor, the sequel to my story for Weight of a Gun I, The Machinist. As part of the release I ended up doing a lot (for me) of press. I have a new respect for people who blog daily/weekly/etc. For me, coming up with stuff to talk about is hard, 'cause I keep thinking I'm going to come off as pretentious or a ponce or something. >.> But anyways...

Cole interviewed me for the Armchair Reader and as a special bonus there's a contest to win a free ebook every month for all of 2013: Interview with Gryvon + Giveaway

I was at Bending the Bookshelf talking about Re-imagining Your Own Fiction.

Finally, I was on the Storm Moon Press blog talking about Dark Fiction.
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The tentacle porn anthology All Wrapped Up released today. It includes my story "Dark Covenant". Summary below:

Eli exchanges his a life of poverty in "Dark Covenant" when tricked into signing a contract giving himself to the masters of the Academy. His body, his movement, his life is theirs to do with as they wish, until the enigmatic Eramus offers Eli his power—if Eli will join with him.
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My story, "The Machinist", from the Weight of a Gun Anthology (gunkink themed) is now available as a single download for a whopping $1.49. If you're interested, it's available in eBook format here.

Here's the description:

In a nightmare world where the things in the dark are large and hungry and humanity has been driven back to the tribal and savage, a man like Avery Belfour is an asset. Avery is a machinist, one of the few left with the knowledge to keep mechanical devices—in particular, guns—in working order. But being in such high demand comes with a price: Avery is kept as a prisoner under lock and key.

When a rival colony raids the compound Avery is kept in and breaks him out, Avery has a brief hope that his incarceration is over. But it turns out that his saviors have just as much need for his services and are just as unlikely to give him the chance to say no. He is dragged away to meet the dark and deadly Harrow, the leader of this new colony. Harrow is a hard man, made so by his circumstances, but Avery wants his freedom, and is willing to do anything to secure it.

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In honor of the release of Like It or Not, I've got a guest blog post on It's Raining Men about non-con/dub-con: Gryvon on Grey Consent and Like It or Not

Like It or Not is currently available for sale. Here's the an excerpt from my story, What It's Worth:

He hated his agent.

Bernadette had found him. At the time, with one book on the shelves and a few articles out in a handful of lesser-known magazines, he'd barely thought about getting an agent. He knew he should, at some point. He knew that it would be useful to have one to handle all the things he was horrible at, but that was all he'd thought about it until Bernadette had called. She'd given him the sales pitch and promised many wonderful things. He'd said no, thinking it was some kind of scam. She'd insisted. He'd hung up. There was a process to that sort of thing, a process that Bernadette ignored because she liked the way he wrote and saw potential. She'd called his parents. Apparently, she knew his uncle. His parents had told him how nice it was that he was working with a family friend, and somewhere in the midst of all of that, she'd become his agent.

He regretted it every day.

It wasn't that she was bad at her job. She was the best. She got him amazing deals with top publishers. Big name guys, not just the academic presses he'd been dealing with. She'd gotten his name out there and also gotten him this job.

Which he hated. Mostly. Sometimes. There were some parts of it that weren't all bad. It paid his bills and gave him healthcare.

As much as he hated having to deal with Ellen and Larry, drab cubicles, and all of the office gossip, there was one thing about his job that he really loved. He got to write about truly interesting people: people who existed beyond the normal dull and dreary spectrum and shined. People not like him. People who lived their lives like it mattered, like there was one thing they were born to do and so they were out doing it. He got that, kind of. It was like him and writing, and yet the people that he talked to all made it sound so amazing. It was never amazing to them—to them it was ordinary, mundane—but to him it was spectacular.

That was how he ended up meeting a man rumored to be one of the most notorious gangsters in Chicago's history.
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Tentacles Anthology - July 20

My story, 'Dark Covenant', was accepted to Storm Moon Press's Tentacles anthology. Yes, you read that right. Tentacle porn! Soooooo looking forward to reading this anthology. My story's fantasy with a slight steampunkish twist. There's magic and demons and lots of sex. Should be out July 20.

Like It of Not - May 11

"Writer Ian Richards has to decide 'What It's Worth' to get his story when his contact meets him in a private club. In fact, Vincenzo has no intention of letting his information go easily, if at all."

Like It or Not is coming out May 11. Preorders are currently 20% off. It's also up on Goodreads. My story in it features an over-his-head writer and a cocky mafia boss.

Weight of a Gun - Out Now

"Avery Belfour is 'The Machinist', kidnapped by a rival colony in need of his services. But the dark and deadly Harrow may have other plans for Avery first."

I've still got a copy of Weight of a Gun that I never got around to giving away so here it is. Weight of a Gun is a gunkink anthology. Lots of sexy stories in there. If you're interested, you can check out excerpts from each story on the SMP website. It's also on Goodreads.

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I keep meaning to post and then getting distracted. January and February have been... special. Not bad, just different. Haven't been home much, which means my DVR is constantly full to bursting. Starting to get back into the swing of writing. I have a pinch hit for [community profile] smut_fest which is going to be AWESOME (and my regular submission was pretty awesome too in completely different ways). One of the things that amuses me eternally about that challenge is that I keep getting all the incest prompts. I think I'm 6/6 or something like that. Not complaining, just greatly amused.

I started watching Downton Abbey and I am ADDICTED. That show is so good. We should be finishing off season 1 Thursday and I'm hoping that season 2 comes up on Netflix shortly.

My second published short story will be coming out in May. I wrote "What It's Worth" for the "Like It or Not" dubcon anthology. It's a contemporary piece (something I haven't done in a while) with a surly writer and the mafia. I'm thinking about doing a sequel to it if another anthology call comes out that fits the idea I have.

I'm also writing for the Grimm Exchange, which will be my first attempt at writing Grimm. I've had so many Grimm plot bunnies running around my head. Time to break the ice and jump into the fandom. ^__^
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Weight of a Gun cover

The Weight of a Gun anthology, which I have a story in, is out today. Ebook's $6.99 and the print copy is $13.99. It's a rather hot and steamy anthology, centered around gunkink with a wide variety of genres.

Here's a short excerpt from my story, The Machinist:

"I'm Avery, by the way," he said into the silence. He could hear the other man fumbling with something behind him. "Avery Belfour. From Burning Grounds. And you are?"

"Shut up."

"That's an odd name." Avery could feel his chances of survival decreasing every time he opened his mouth.

The gun withdrew. He had time to briefly fantasize that the stranger was going to let him go before the gun smacked him across the back of the head. He should have expected that. Avery fell forward and caught himself on his palms seconds before his face smacked into the dirty floor. Dust tickled his nose. He started to rise but the cock of a hammer stopped him.

"Stop talking." An explosion marked the stranger's words. Someone had brought out the big guns.

Avery's muscles protested the strange position. The sooner he could sit up, the better. He wasn't used to being bent over like this while still fully clothed. A familiar scent caught Avery's attention. Blood. He knew it wasn't his own, which meant that the smell was coming from his captor. That, or there was a corpse in the room, but Avery liked to think he would have noticed that when they'd walked in.

"You're injured." He could feel the stranger's ire growing as he spoke. "I can help." He'd gotten out of more than a few sticky situations by offering aid. He doubted it would be enough to get the man to let him go, but maybe it would put him on a bit better footing.

There's a review of the anthology up at Pants Off Reviews.

If you happen to pick up a copy, let me know what you think. ^_^ I've got the anthology on my Nook, waiting to be read as soon as I get done with Yuletide.
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Weight of a Gun Anthology is on Goodreads. An author page for me got created when the anthology was added. The amount of squee that was had when I saw this cannot be described.

Still no details up about where it'll be sold and for how much, but...

Storm Moon Press is running two contests!

Winner of the International Blog Tour receives:
- a print copy of the Weight of a Gun anthology
- poster of the cover art
- bookmarks
- postcards
- mini calendar

Comment here to enter or you can tweet @stormmoonpress with the hashtag #swagbaggiveaway for a chance to win. Open until October 31st.

Winner of the 2011 Swag Bag Giveaway receives:
- Print copy of Catalyst
- Print copy of Daughters of Artemis
- Print copy of Wild Passions
- Print copy of Counterpunch
- Print copy of Crescendo
- Print copy of Weight of a Gun
- Bookmarks
- Postcards
- Miniature calendar
- Poster of Weight of a Gun cover art
- Storm Moon Press tote bag

Comment here to enter or you can tweet @stormmoonpress with the hashtag #swagbaggiveaway for a chance to win. Open until October 31st.

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