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Hello, author and thank you for writing for me. Please know that I will like pretty much anything you write simply because you wrote it for me. ^_^

In general, I like: snark, banter, teasing dialogue, witty humor, domesticity, geeks, sex with plot, sex with only vague plot, sex without plot, plot without sex, threesomes, moresomes, kink, angst, "damsels" in distress, hurt/comfort

I do not like: Drug use. Watersports. Scat.

Teen Wolf
Peter/Stiles or Derek/Stiles
(I also like Chris Argent/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski threesomes if you want to throw that in)

I prefer Bottom Stiles. I'm a big fan of Alive Hale Family, Searching Ceremonies, or Werewolves are Known universes. I love hurt/comfort, especially if Stiles is the one getting hurt. If you need some prompts:

1) Peter lost his soulmate in the fire set by Kate Argent, which is why he's surprised to find the mark on his wrist - the mark that constantly reminded him of his dead wife (or husband) - matches the sheriff's son, one Stiles Stilinski, an annoying but intelligent brat who knows nothing about werewolves and is way to young for Peter to even consider, especially when the very thought of having a second mate seems like betraying his lost love.

2) Stiles's mom taught him more than just cooking, she taught him the superstitions and hedge magic that has been in her family for generations. His magic didn't go away with her death but rather has been growing stronger, almost too strong for him to control. He has trouble keeping it under wraps, especially around Cora Hale's older brother Derek. There's something about the Hales that just makes his magic want to curl up around them, but if there's one thing his mother taught him, it's that secrets like his are best kept hidden.

Original Work

I really like seeing academic or diplomatic characters discovering/exploring new worlds or new creatures. Some prompts:

1) The nerdy bookworm accidentally hooks up with an incubus (or other supernatural creature) and is amazed that all of the mythology he's been hooked on is actually real. The incubus just wants to bask in the afterglow of sex but bookworm has a million questions. Round two shuts him up.

2) Diplomatic character is sent to arrange a trade agreement, peace treaty, etc with an alien race. He finds himself fascinated by this new species and their world. Alien character gives him a reason to stay on that world.


I really, really want to see an AU where Will actually goes off with Hannibal and Abigail and they're one big happy family together.

Sean/Nick or Juliette/Sean/Nick

Things I love to see: Renard in charge, other characters giving Nick an unexpected helping hand when he needs it the most.

I love (LOVE) fairy tales and fairy tales mixed with the real world and the gritty realness of this show. I love that each episode is based on a specific fairy tale. Some of my favorite fairy tales if you need inspiration and want to go the Grimm retelling route: Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (Not really good fic/episode material but I really like it for some reason), The Elves and the Shoemaker, Briar Rose, The Water Nixie, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Bluebeard, Six Swans
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There's a group of people doing Interactive Fiction (text-based games and choose your own adventure) for Yuletide. I wanna do one so go post here or comment below with prompts and I'll pick one to do. (Because I'm insane and moving/three challenges due in december isn't enough for me).
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Anime North

Anime North went well. There was some snafu with the AV setup and all the showing DVDs not being burned properly but we worked around those and made it work. All in all, everyone seemed to have a really good time. Our guests - slashreport and Storm Moon Press - were awesome and it was so cool having them attend. I'm eager to get started on plotting and planning for next year. We're hoping to make Yaoi/Yuri North even bigger and better next year.

Charity Fic

I have a charity auction up for the Big 24 (HIV/AIDS charity) over here. It's a very lonely auction right now with no bids. For the price of a cup of coffee I'll write you pretty much anything you want. Anything. You know you want to bid.


I'll be at Collossalcon June 6-8 in Sandusky, Ohio. I'll be doing a panel on How Not to Write Badfic on Saturday at 6pm so come by and see me.
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I have an offering of fic up for the Big 24, which is raising money to fight HIV/AIDS, here:

I am offering: Fanfiction of at least 1,500 words (probably longer)
Teen Wolf (Any)
Supernatural (Destiel)
Naruto (KakaIru)
Original fic
Psych (Lassiter/Shawn)
Welcome to Night Vale
+ Any fandom that's on my website ( There's a lot.
Additional Info: I will write anything. Really.
Starting Bid: $5
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I have my first ever call up for Storm Moon Press! Details below:

Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Theme: General
Pairings: Bisexual
Submission Deadline: December 31, 2014
Required Word Count: 8,000 - 20,000
HEA or HFN Ending Required? Yes

Dark creatures lurk in the shadows, myths and monsters that hunt the unaware. But even creatures of the night need love now and then. For some, it's not a matter of gender but of the person inside. Do vampires care what gender their food is, especially when they can have a little fun while drinking? Do werewolves view packs as a loving commune instead of having singular mates? Does heartbreak send a lonely wizard from women to men? Give us your tales of bisexual vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and wizards. Any type of paranormal will do. Menages, threesomes, and moresomes welcome.

Payment is $60 and up depending on word count ($0.0075 per word). More details can be found at

Anyone interested?
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Ms. Marvel

So I picked up the first issue of the new Ms. Marvel after hearing a bunch of good press about it. A female Muslim superhero? I'm down. It's as good as I expected. The main character is adorbs and she writes Avengers fanfic. She has a hedgehog sidekick. Definitely going to be making the weekly pilgrimage to the comic store for more of this.

True Detective

Started watching True Detective on HBO tonight. It's a crime procedural with a Lovecraftian twist. Only got through the first two episodes so far, where the King in Yellow is just a passing mention. Episode three is supposed to start the really freaky stuff so I'm hoping to watch more of it soonish.


My Valentine's Day present was a kitten! She's super sweet and adorable, loves everyone she comes across. We're not sure yet if she's going to get along with our existing cat. She's confined to the spare bedroom for now while we do the slow introduction. Going to start trying to integrate the cats over next weekend, and hope they get along. If they don't, I have a friend prepared to take the new kitty off our hands.


Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression have been kicking my ass. I've got a ton of stuff in the works, but I can't seem to go anywhere with them. It's like the part of my brain that comes up with plot just shut off. Like, I can write if I know where I'm going, but once I hit the end of what I've pre-plotted it's just like deeerrrr, what are words? Now would be a great time for some editing but I don't have much that needs editing.
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Happy New Year everyone!

This past year has been pretty good to me, overall. I changed jobs and I'm really loving my new job. I'm working on websites for teachers (professional development, so far) and it's a big change from working for telcos. I feel like what I'm doing now is something people will actually use and care about, plus the atmosphere at the new place is so much better. It's a smaller company so it feels less like I'm lost in a crowd of employees. Also, I'll be getting my own office (everyone has their own office) I just have to wait for them to build the extension since we're out of space.

I had a major writing slump for most of the year, but I'm over that now as the last post can attest. Finally found the right mix of antidepressants to get me where I need to be.

In terms of writing, I should have a few more professionally published works coming out next year - a tentacle anthology story, the end to the Machinist/Inquisitor trilogy, a couple other things are in the works including a novel. Fanfic-wise, I've got two Teen Wolf fics I'm in the middle of, I just need to finish them which involves figuring out how to get from point A to point C. I'll get there eventually.

I'm getting married Nov 1, 2014 so the new year promises to be full of wedding planning fun times. I've got 90% already planned. Mostly we just need to pay for things. It's going to be a fun time.

I set up an etsy shop to sell the chainmaille jewelry I've been making. I've got an application in for Colassalcon's artist alley, which I'll be going to either way. I'm staffing Rainbow Con in Tampa in April. I'll also be at Anime North, as usual, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yaoi North. Hopefully should have some big things going on for that. I may be at a few other cons since I've been helping my friend Erin with her artist alley both for Pixel Visions.
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Apparently I'm a complete and utter twit and forgot to subscribe to the Hannibal Exchange and only just now realized "hey, shouldn't stories be out by now". >.> Fail.

But anyways, I received a brilliant, lovely fic from Luvkurai called Acceptance and my own story Blood Born, featuring wendigo!Hannibal, is up as well.
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I've added an auction post to the FandomAid thread to help the Philippines. I'm offering 3 fic, so top three win.

Bid on fic by me!

Min $10 for a 1500 fic.

Fandoms available:
Teen Wolf
Harry Potter
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

If anyone else has a thread up lemme know and I'll bid!
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[community profile] smut_fest is an original fiction exchange open to all pairings. M/m, m/f, f/f, threesomes of all types, and trans* pairings as well; there is something for everyone! Sign-up for our fourth round, Dark Fantasy, and get a gift story written to your prompts/interests in exchange for writing a gift story for someone else.

We're a great community for anyone testing the water with original fiction, since you get several prompts to work from and the word count requirement is low: only 2k. Not to mention that you will get a gift come hell or high water; we recently had a round where a quarter of our participants dropped out and everyone still got a fic. Our pinch hitters are very dedicated people and have returned every round to sign-up again!

Sign up and join us today!


Mar. 17th, 2012 09:28 pm
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Current round of [ profile] smut_fest is up. I received a lovely story, Mask We Fear We Can't Live Without, which features oni, kitsune, artisanship, and some sexy porn times. I have two stories hiding in the current round, both of which generated some very interesting web searches.

Sent in my story for [community profile] grimm_exchange earlier in the week. Posting should start the 20th. I wrote something rather out of the ordinary for me. It's new, but hopefully it turned out pretty hot.

I've got [ profile] springkink and the [ profile] au_bigbang coming up. In between that I've got some professional work going on - a submission for a tentacle porn anthology (yes, you read that right) and then a few other anthologies as I have time.
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So [personal profile] ashcat (photoash on LJ) and I are planning to do a writing panel at Otakon again. (Or at least we'd like to try. Didn't get in last year but doesn't hurt to apply and we've run three times before.) We're looking for other authors (fanfic or otherwise) who'll be attending the con (Baltimore, July 27-29) to panel with us.

Usually the panel is on general writing but we were tossing around the possibility of making it less PG or maybe yaoi-specific.

Any takers?
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I keep meaning to post and then getting distracted. January and February have been... special. Not bad, just different. Haven't been home much, which means my DVR is constantly full to bursting. Starting to get back into the swing of writing. I have a pinch hit for [community profile] smut_fest which is going to be AWESOME (and my regular submission was pretty awesome too in completely different ways). One of the things that amuses me eternally about that challenge is that I keep getting all the incest prompts. I think I'm 6/6 or something like that. Not complaining, just greatly amused.

I started watching Downton Abbey and I am ADDICTED. That show is so good. We should be finishing off season 1 Thursday and I'm hoping that season 2 comes up on Netflix shortly.

My second published short story will be coming out in May. I wrote "What It's Worth" for the "Like It or Not" dubcon anthology. It's a contemporary piece (something I haven't done in a while) with a surly writer and the mafia. I'm thinking about doing a sequel to it if another anthology call comes out that fits the idea I have.

I'm also writing for the Grimm Exchange, which will be my first attempt at writing Grimm. I've had so many Grimm plot bunnies running around my head. Time to break the ice and jump into the fandom. ^__^
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Weight of a Gun cover

The Weight of a Gun anthology, which I have a story in, is out today. Ebook's $6.99 and the print copy is $13.99. It's a rather hot and steamy anthology, centered around gunkink with a wide variety of genres.

Here's a short excerpt from my story, The Machinist:

"I'm Avery, by the way," he said into the silence. He could hear the other man fumbling with something behind him. "Avery Belfour. From Burning Grounds. And you are?"

"Shut up."

"That's an odd name." Avery could feel his chances of survival decreasing every time he opened his mouth.

The gun withdrew. He had time to briefly fantasize that the stranger was going to let him go before the gun smacked him across the back of the head. He should have expected that. Avery fell forward and caught himself on his palms seconds before his face smacked into the dirty floor. Dust tickled his nose. He started to rise but the cock of a hammer stopped him.

"Stop talking." An explosion marked the stranger's words. Someone had brought out the big guns.

Avery's muscles protested the strange position. The sooner he could sit up, the better. He wasn't used to being bent over like this while still fully clothed. A familiar scent caught Avery's attention. Blood. He knew it wasn't his own, which meant that the smell was coming from his captor. That, or there was a corpse in the room, but Avery liked to think he would have noticed that when they'd walked in.

"You're injured." He could feel the stranger's ire growing as he spoke. "I can help." He'd gotten out of more than a few sticky situations by offering aid. He doubted it would be enough to get the man to let him go, but maybe it would put him on a bit better footing.

There's a review of the anthology up at Pants Off Reviews.

If you happen to pick up a copy, let me know what you think. ^_^ I've got the anthology on my Nook, waiting to be read as soon as I get done with Yuletide.


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:40 pm
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As I may have mentioned, I've developed a bit of a love for Scrivener. I was talking about it a bit on Twitter, and it was requested that I do a post on how I use Scrivener. Now, I've only been using it for a little over a week so I'm sure there's more advanced things that could be done. (If you have any tips or tricks, I would love it if you'd share in the comments.) The corkboard and Project Tracker are my new bffs.

Cut for large images )
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NaNoWriMo has come once again. I'll be participating, as usual, though this year I'm focusing on trying to get something actually publishable instead of the usual fanfic. (That's a lie. It'll be likely half fanfic at least since I have a big bang due Dec 9 and two ongoing chapter fics but I have this vague hope of getting through the novel too without dying.) Now, I know I can do the 50k writing part but the big hurdle, at least for me, is revision and finding a revision partner (aside from my wonderful twin who is much abused with my many last minute dumps of fiction to beta). So, I was thinking of a way to do revision and then I thought of my twin's novel which is also going through revision chapter by chapter and I figured there had to be more people who would like some help with revision, what with it being NaNo now. What I came up with is:

Chapter Revision Exchange! (Maybe...)

How this would (theoretically) work:

- Authors sign up (giving the length of their work, possibly genre and other details)
- Authors are matched to reviewers (Using a circular structure so that you're not reviewing the person who's reviewing you, and matching people based on length of work)
- Each week, starting Jan 1, authors post 5k worth of chapter(s) for review (likely on a locked forum, so other participants could see and give additional revision notes but it wouldn't be public)
- Revision would run until the story's done. For standard NaNo of 50k, that would wrap by March 10th. For YA novels of <80k (aka my target), that would wrap April 22.

There are other forums out there for revision (Absolute Write, Critters, Book Country) but I kind of want something NaNoWriMo-focused and fandom-friendly. (In other words, something open to fanfic as well.)

Thoughts? Interest?
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Weight of a Gun Anthology is on Goodreads. An author page for me got created when the anthology was added. The amount of squee that was had when I saw this cannot be described.

Still no details up about where it'll be sold and for how much, but...

Storm Moon Press is running two contests!

Winner of the International Blog Tour receives:
- a print copy of the Weight of a Gun anthology
- poster of the cover art
- bookmarks
- postcards
- mini calendar

Comment here to enter or you can tweet @stormmoonpress with the hashtag #swagbaggiveaway for a chance to win. Open until October 31st.

Winner of the 2011 Swag Bag Giveaway receives:
- Print copy of Catalyst
- Print copy of Daughters of Artemis
- Print copy of Wild Passions
- Print copy of Counterpunch
- Print copy of Crescendo
- Print copy of Weight of a Gun
- Bookmarks
- Postcards
- Miniature calendar
- Poster of Weight of a Gun cover art
- Storm Moon Press tote bag

Comment here to enter or you can tweet @stormmoonpress with the hashtag #swagbaggiveaway for a chance to win. Open until October 31st.
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I am on Twitter, unsurprisingly as @gryvon. If anyone else is on Twitter (I know Sejitsu and Avocado Love are ^_^) let me know cause I need more fandom in my twitter stream.

So my [profile] hp_3fofun story has been turned in, full of Snape, Draco, and Harry goodness. The story will appear on the community LJ sometime after November 1st and then my site January 1st. I think this is the first challenge comm I've run into that requests an exclusive on posting for a certain amount of time, which almost made me not participate. But the story idea was awesome and it'll make its rounds to other sites eventually.

I can't wait for December 9th and getting my first short story published! Looking into doing a lot more anthology submissions, and November's going to be insane with NaNoWriMo. I will get my novel done.

This month is all about KakaIru, with maybe some Psych (aka the third part in that Psych series I've been doing where Shawn's actually psychic) thrown in if I get done early with the rest of it. And then that kills off my signups up until Yuletide. But it's a good thing October is light because...

...the rest of the rambling )

On Hiatus

Feb. 21st, 2010 02:31 pm
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So, I'm officially taking a break from fanfiction for the next three months, from March 1 until June 1.

I still have a few outstanding things that I owe people, which I'm going to try and finish up before the 1st. I know I'll be missing the next rounds of [community profile] slashfest and the [community profile] kakairu_fest, which is quite sad. It's been hard to restrain myself, but I won't be signing up for anything that opens during these months (even if the posting deadline isn't until after June). (There are bets on how long until I break that self-made imposition...)

Ideally, the point is to get my novel done in the next months. I've spent the last four months planning it, and amassed a small binder's worth of notes for it, along with a few pages. Now I just need to sit down and actually write the thing. For those not on my Twitter (as I occassionally hint towards it), it's a Young Adult urban fantasy centering around a Transylvanian (aka Romanian) high school with the main character as a Frankenstein-type teenage boy.

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