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Ms. Marvel

So I picked up the first issue of the new Ms. Marvel after hearing a bunch of good press about it. A female Muslim superhero? I'm down. It's as good as I expected. The main character is adorbs and she writes Avengers fanfic. She has a hedgehog sidekick. Definitely going to be making the weekly pilgrimage to the comic store for more of this.

True Detective

Started watching True Detective on HBO tonight. It's a crime procedural with a Lovecraftian twist. Only got through the first two episodes so far, where the King in Yellow is just a passing mention. Episode three is supposed to start the really freaky stuff so I'm hoping to watch more of it soonish.


My Valentine's Day present was a kitten! She's super sweet and adorable, loves everyone she comes across. We're not sure yet if she's going to get along with our existing cat. She's confined to the spare bedroom for now while we do the slow introduction. Going to start trying to integrate the cats over next weekend, and hope they get along. If they don't, I have a friend prepared to take the new kitty off our hands.


Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression have been kicking my ass. I've got a ton of stuff in the works, but I can't seem to go anywhere with them. It's like the part of my brain that comes up with plot just shut off. Like, I can write if I know where I'm going, but once I hit the end of what I've pre-plotted it's just like deeerrrr, what are words? Now would be a great time for some editing but I don't have much that needs editing.

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