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Hello, author and thank you for writing for me. Please know that I will like pretty much anything you write simply because you wrote it for me. ^_^

In general, I like: snark, banter, teasing dialogue, witty humor, domesticity, geeks, sex with plot, sex with only vague plot, sex without plot, plot without sex, threesomes, moresomes, kink, angst, "damsels" in distress, hurt/comfort

I do not like: Drug use. Watersports. Scat.

Teen Wolf
Peter/Stiles or Derek/Stiles
(I also like Chris Argent/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski threesomes if you want to throw that in)

I prefer Bottom Stiles. I'm a big fan of Alive Hale Family, Searching Ceremonies, or Werewolves are Known universes. I love hurt/comfort, especially if Stiles is the one getting hurt. If you need some prompts:

1) Peter lost his soulmate in the fire set by Kate Argent, which is why he's surprised to find the mark on his wrist - the mark that constantly reminded him of his dead wife (or husband) - matches the sheriff's son, one Stiles Stilinski, an annoying but intelligent brat who knows nothing about werewolves and is way to young for Peter to even consider, especially when the very thought of having a second mate seems like betraying his lost love.

2) Stiles's mom taught him more than just cooking, she taught him the superstitions and hedge magic that has been in her family for generations. His magic didn't go away with her death but rather has been growing stronger, almost too strong for him to control. He has trouble keeping it under wraps, especially around Cora Hale's older brother Derek. There's something about the Hales that just makes his magic want to curl up around them, but if there's one thing his mother taught him, it's that secrets like his are best kept hidden.

Original Work

I really like seeing academic or diplomatic characters discovering/exploring new worlds or new creatures. Some prompts:

1) The nerdy bookworm accidentally hooks up with an incubus (or other supernatural creature) and is amazed that all of the mythology he's been hooked on is actually real. The incubus just wants to bask in the afterglow of sex but bookworm has a million questions. Round two shuts him up.

2) Diplomatic character is sent to arrange a trade agreement, peace treaty, etc with an alien race. He finds himself fascinated by this new species and their world. Alien character gives him a reason to stay on that world.


I really, really want to see an AU where Will actually goes off with Hannibal and Abigail and they're one big happy family together.

Sean/Nick or Juliette/Sean/Nick

Things I love to see: Renard in charge, other characters giving Nick an unexpected helping hand when he needs it the most.

I love (LOVE) fairy tales and fairy tales mixed with the real world and the gritty realness of this show. I love that each episode is based on a specific fairy tale. Some of my favorite fairy tales if you need inspiration and want to go the Grimm retelling route: Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (Not really good fic/episode material but I really like it for some reason), The Elves and the Shoemaker, Briar Rose, The Water Nixie, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Bluebeard, Six Swans

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