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From the doctor_tailor Valentine's Day exchange:

Valentine's Day
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Recipient: jenni_snake
Rating: R
Word Count: 1400
Disclaimer: Characters used without permission.
Summary: Bashir introduces Garak to Valentine's Day.

Next, two from the latest round of smut_fest:

Fandom: Original Fic
Recipient: txilar
Pairing: m/m/m
Warnings: None
Content Notes: Double penetration
Word Count: 4,600
Beta'd by: covarla
Summary: The worst thing that could possibly happen to Sydney does - he's bonded.

The Alpha and the Omega
Fandom: Original Fic
Recipient: miri_thompson
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: None
Content Notes: D/s themes, spanking
Word Count: 2,300
Beta'd by: covarla
Summary: Alex always dreamed of finding his mate.
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I wrote two fics for this round of [community profile] smut_fest:

Shade (m/m, trans, original) - Shade is used to attracting attention, whether as a male or a female, but there's only one person remotely resistant to her/his charms.

More Than Magic (m/m/m, original/World of Darkness) - Matthew's used to not getting what he wants, so he's taken by surprise when he gets more than he ever wanted.

The full list of who wrote what is available here.
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Author reveal for [ profile] smut_fest is up. I wrote two pieces this round.

Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest, violence, non-con, angst, hurt/comfort, spanking, rimming, Dom/sub, bondage, BDSM
Written for: [ profile] x_disturbed_x for [ profile] smut_fest
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy named Cinder who lived as a servant for his wicked stepmother and his cruel stepbrothers.

LJ | AO3

Green Grows the Holly
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest, violence, character death, angst, breathplay
Written for: [ profile] smut_fest
Summary: Honor leads to betrayal, betrayal to death, and the cycle continues anew. Gawain's love for Bertilak isn't enough to save him from the Green Knight's ax, but they have more than one lifetime to try.
Author's Notes: Title and lyrics taken from the song "Green Grows the Holly".

LJ | AO3
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[community profile] smut_fest is an original fiction exchange open to all pairings. M/m, m/f, f/f, threesomes of all types, and trans* pairings as well; there is something for everyone! Sign-up for our fourth round, Dark Fantasy, and get a gift story written to your prompts/interests in exchange for writing a gift story for someone else.

We're a great community for anyone testing the water with original fiction, since you get several prompts to work from and the word count requirement is low: only 2k. Not to mention that you will get a gift come hell or high water; we recently had a round where a quarter of our participants dropped out and everyone still got a fic. Our pinch hitters are very dedicated people and have returned every round to sign-up again!

Sign up and join us today!
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Sign ups for the next round of smut_fest are open! Come play!

Current round is all about folklore. All pairings are welcome, though the majority of signups seem to be m/m or f/f, though there are people who sign up for m/f as well.

Sign up here
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Title: Sins of the Father
Pairing: m/m
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: half-sibling incest, mild language, mild violence, mild consent issues
Written For: [personal profile] txilar as part of smut_fest
Summary: Talor came to Aurora for revenge - revenge on the man who stole his money and revenge on his half-brother.

( The inmates had a custom. They'd go around, one by one, and sound off planets. )
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Author reveal for [community profile] smut_fest is up. I was amused that both of the prompts I ended up with requested incest.

The World Between
Fandom: Original
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: incest
Summary: Elijah Ember has spent most of his life avoiding the war brewing around him.

( Smoke filled the bar like a thick fog, obscuring all but the first scattered row of tables. )

Those Left Behind
Fandom: Original
Pairing: m/m/m
Warnings: incest, mention of non-sexual child abuse
Summary: When the private investigator sent to check on his brother returns his check and won’t answer calls, Brian returns home to find a strange man that can change shapes has taken his place.

( The farmhouse was scarred by age. )

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