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Like the title says, it's 9 days until Anime North and I'm mostly prepared. I've got notes for half my panels. Still need to make up notes for the rest but I've got this weekend to do it. Not that I can't wing most of the panels off the top of my head, but I like being prepared... and making powerpoints. So far my schedule is:

Yaoi Fans Might Like...
Friday at 1800 (6:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
Recommendations for other books, TV shows, comics, etc with LGBTQ content.

Writing Sex (18+)
Friday at 1900 (7:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
How to write gripping sex scenes and work with plot in your porn.

How To Not Write Badfic
Saturday at 1900 (7:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
A discussion of common errors in yaoi/slash fanfiction and how to avoid them. Questions welcome!

The Alpha and the Omega
Saturday at 2000 (8:00 pm) in Algonquin (Sheraton)
Delving into the subgenre that is Alpha/Beta/Omega alternate universes.

Teen Wolf Slash
Sunday at 1200 (12:00 pm) in Collingwood (Sheraton)
Discussion of slash pairings and recs for Teen Wolf.

I think the panel I'm most looking forward to is the Alpha and the Omega. I love ABO AUs. This panel almost didn't run cause we only have two people on it and we're low on space but it made it in and I'm super excited.

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