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I haven't posted in forever and keep thinking I should fix that and then forgetting. So, things...

1) I turned 30 on the 13th. Wheee! Going along with the joke that everything stops working after you turn 30, I fucked up my knee that week and it's been off and on special since then.

2) I got engaged! Also on the 13th. There is no fun story because my boyfriend is incredibly awkward at romance, but he's cute so I'll keep him. Apparently he asked my twin advice about it before Christmas so he's been pondering how to propose since then. I get my ring tomorrow and we're shooting for around Halloween 2014. For those interested, there are pretty pictures on my planning board at

3) Medical fun times! I've had stabbing pain in my stomach since around Christmas, which has led to many, many doctors all of whom have no fucking clue what's going on, so IBS is the current theory. I killed my $1000 deductible in March, which made paying for my colonoscopy/gastroscopy much cheaper. Killed off all $500 of my FSA card earlier this month. 15+ pills a day. Whee fun.

4) I both like and hate my job at the same time. We just switched to using a new system, which is mostly in python. I tried learning python once and hated it, so we'll see if they'll keep me on front-end development, which I love (HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP) or if I'll have to pick up python. Ugh. I think part of my discontent is the need to switch to a stronger anti-depressent and/or change what birth control I'm on, now that I've got metformin to help regulate hormones from my PCOS.

5) I haven't been writing much. Stuff for the KakaIru Fest Bingo, SmutFest, one piece for publication with many more I need to work on.

6) Teen Wolf! I watched it all in one weekend and I'm totally an addict now. It, Hannibal, and True Blood are the only shows I watch religiously as they air now. I got the first two seasons of Teen Wolf for my birthday and I much appreciated the shirtless montages. Sooooo glad Jackson is gone though. So glad.

7) Welcome to Night Vale. I love this. I kept hearing it mentioned on Twitter (*cough*@Cthonical*cough*@plaemon*cough*)

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